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Frita Batidos
Ann Arbor, MI

 cponnusw wrote
Cuban style street food...Chef Eve from top chef owns this place. Lots of interesting varieties to try..their mojitos are the best. They are...

Vani Food
Farminton Hills, MI

 cponnusw wrote
This store has all Indian groceries and the people working there are very helpful. They are open late compared to other grocery stores.

Update Landscaping
Canton, MI

 shekar_b wrote
We use this company for winterizing, and landscape maintenance. They're good and timely.

Priya Restaurant & Bar
Farmington, MI

 shekar_b wrote
not a bad restaurant - looks like they're closing

It's a great place and tremendous atmosphere!!! bartenders are friendly and it's a true cocktail lounge. They have an awesome pair of pool ...

Shiro Restaurant
Novi, MI

 cponnusw wrote
Awesome sushi varieties and quite a few choices for vegetarians too. Good place for hosting large groups also.

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