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1629 S State St,
Ann Arbor, MI - 48104
Distance: 0.93 miles

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6701 N Newburgh Rd,
Westland, MI - 48185
Distance: 17.48 miles

 shekar_b from Northville, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 8/2/2009
The nicest thing about this store is that you know that everything that is stocked with is fresh, there is everything and anything that you could ever need and more. Price of fruits and vegetables here is relatively very economical when compared to Bush's and Kroger's around the area, almost 50% less than what others are selling for.

We are 2 of us (me and my wife) and we buy a lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, never spent more than 20$ for a week worth of fruits and veggies. It's about 15 minutes drive from Northville (where we live) but we do it every weekend to save that 50% and to get that fresh produce.

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38245 W Ten Mile Road,
Farminton Hills, MI - 48335
Distance: 20.18 miles

 cponnusw from novi, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 8/8/2012
This store has all Indian groceries and the people working there are very helpful. They are open late compared to other grocery stores.
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