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211 N. Maple,
Ann Arbor, MI - 48103
Distance: 7.08 miles

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29551 5 Mile Rd,
Livonia, MI - 48154
Distance: 17.79 miles

 shekar_b from Northville, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 7/17/2009
A tiny little aquarium place in Livonia not for from I96. They have everything that you want to start a Saltwater aquarium. I bought some of my starter saltwater fish over there, they helped me in all kinds of advice from cycling a tank to adding fish and corals. I did visit this place very often when started my 110G saltwater tank; infact a guy over there by name Ken helped me setup my sump system for the tank. Guys at the store were very helpful.

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16562 Merriman Rd,
Romulus, MI - 48174
Distance: 19.11 miles

 shekar_b from Northville, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 2/10/2009
This is an excellent riding establishment with a full size indoor arena available for lessons. The lessons can be in a group or one on one and are taken by a fully qualified teacher. There are treks outside of the stable into local fields which is owned by the stable owners. They cater for all ages and abilities and are open all week and flexible with times for bookings.

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27861 Orchard Lake Rd,
Farmington Hills, MI - 48334
Distance: 24.38 miles

 shekar_b from Northville, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 2/10/2009
This place is awesome, I started my hobby of keeping salt/water fish and corals couple years back. I had great help from these guys in everything that I need to setup a reef aquarium - from CA reactor to air pump to corals to fish. Great bunch of guys and they have a very competitive price.
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