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2600-2694 S State St,
Ann Arbor, MI - 48104
Distance: 0.93 miles

 shekar_b from Northville, MI wrote.
Reviewed on 2/15/2010
I first heard about Megabus when I was visiting the UK, I couldn't believe the low, low, fares that they were advertising for bus travel in the UK! Megabus in the US works pretty much the same way, a certain number of seats sell for as low as $1 for a one way ticket so the earlier you book, the more likely you will find those low, low fares. Even if you don't snag one of the $1 seats, the fares are still reasonable.

I think Megabus attracts a lower percentage of lowlife passengers than Greyhound, perhaps due to only online booking. You trade some comforts for the lower price: there is no station to wait in, and without any support staff the loading and ticket checking is very slow. In my experience the bus almost always got a late start, though sometimes we made up the deficit en route.
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